Superyacht Tenders are a necessity on a superyacht and definitely the most important toy to be carried. There are many different types of yacht tender with many important roles to perform. They come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Chlorosulfonated polyethylene (synthetic rubber) tenders are very common and are mostly carried as safety, rescue and workboats on superyachts. Ribs, a mix of rubber and fibre, are also very popular due to versatility, weight and cost. Many yacht tenders are modified production boats ranging from 17 to 40+ feet on some of our larger yachts. It is not unknown for yacht tenders to be designed at the same time as the mother ship and built as a one off vessel at a very high cost. Superyacht tenders are used for ferrying guests and crew, skiing, game fishing, washing down, checking depth in shallow waters, photography, swimming etc. The companies that specialise in yacht tenders can adapt them for lifting on-board, towing, beach landings etc.